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ABS & ABW Backing Turning Inserts – CLiLY for Replace Kyocera.

Back Turning Inserts For Replace Kyocera TN6020 TN60 PV7025 PR930 KW10


OEM and CUSTOME Design Available

Oerlikon Baiaers PVD Coating

Tolerance :±0.01mm

Strong Body & Clamping
REliable Mounting
Accurate & Stable
Long Durability


Available at:



ABS15R4015-CLi10 Replace Kyocera KW10 & TOSHIBA TH10

ABS15R4005M Replace Kyocera KW10 PR1025

ABS15R4015M Replace Kyocera KW10 PR1025

ABS15R4015 Replace Kyocera PR930 KW10

ABS15R4005 Replace Kyocera PR930 KW10


ABW23R5005 PR930

ABW23R5015 PR930

ABW15R4015M PR1025 KW10

ABW15R4005 PR930 KW10

ABW15R4005M PR1025 KW10

ABW23R5005M PR1025 KW10

ABW15R4015 PR930 KW10

ABW23R5015M PR1025 KW10


Backing Turning Inserts

Back Turning Inserts Back Turning Inserts

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